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We cover all loan categories:
If you are a homebuyer, you can find a lender.
If you are a homeowner, you can find a loan with a better rate.
If you have a credit card with a high interest rate, you can find a better rate here.
If you need a payday loan, we'll show you the safe ones.
If you are deeply in debt, you can find an honest debt counselor.
If you are a student, you can find approved lenders.
If you need to buy a car, you can find auto loans here.

No matter which type of loan you need, you face a bewildering array of lenders, fighting fiercely for your business. This competition is good for you as a consumer. But beware: While most lenders are reputable and offer good value, some lenders offer less, get your phone number and email address, and then spam you to death. Use to help you choose wisely.

Due to the horrible economic environment this year, we now are seeing that loans are more difficult than ever to find and get approved for. However, LendersRated has researched and discovered programs that lenders want to push for whatever reason, including because of special legislation from the Obama administraton.

Drawing on our broad experience in real estate, business and consumer finance for almost 30 years, we started this site because we wanted to share our extensive experience in dealing with lenders and loan brokers. Included in many of the listings below are the key loan qualification criteria for acceptance of the initial, online loan application. This will save you time right from the start.

LendersRated Tip of the Day:
APR is Key to Comparing Lenders
Comparing one lender with another can be next to impossible if you try to keep all the different variables in mind at once: points; a multitude of closing fees, some of which are paid by the lender, some by the broker and some by you; as well as slightly different loan terms. So how can you compare apples to apples? The answer is APR (Annual Percentage Rate).

The disclosure of APR was mandated by the Truth in Lending Act in 1968, amended in 1980/81, to provide consumers with a tool to boil down the variables. But to get full value from APR, request that the lender quote APR with all fees and closing costs included. Typically fees such as appraisal and title insurance are not included in APR. This is the key to using APR as a comparison tool.

You may encounter representatives of brokers or banks who discourage you from using APR as a way to compare rates. When comparing ARMs (Adjustable Rate Mortgages) for example, brokers may tell you that the APR is not accurate because it assumes a 30 year amortization when the ARM will last only, say, 10 years. Technically this is true, but the advice is misleading.

The unspoken part of the truth is that, as long as you are comparing different lenders' rates for the identical loan product, APR is an excellent comparison tool. Although the APR for a particular ARM loan product will not be correct, the APR calculation is the same among lenders.

Therefore, APR works well as a tool to compare the different lenders' rates for the same ARM. Realize that it is in the lender's interest, pardon the pun, to keep you from shopping their rate.


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