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The LendersRated comprehensive credit card reference
All credit card types reviewed: MasterCard, Visa, American Express (Amex) and Discover Card.

SCROLL down this page for our huge, helpful compilation of credit cards of all types. It makes shopping for the best credit card for you super easy. All the info and links you need is right here in one place.

LendersRated pick among peers for features, honesty, customer service, and policy Our best pick of the Prepaid Card category:
UPside Prepaid Visa LendersRated comment: UPside combines a Visa card and checking account. If you have bad or no credit, this card is made for you.

Many pre-paid cards are packed with fees. Compared with all the other prepaid cards in our comparison engine below, UPside has the lowest consumer fees and the most features. We calculated that people can save $220 per year with UPside versus the average prepaid card.

Click here for the UPside sign-up page. It is a simple form that is quick and easy to fill out. They do NOT do a credit check. As long as your application has accurate information, you will be approved.

UPside card features:
♦ Cash loads at 50,000 stores nationwide
♦ Online check writing service to pay bills or rent. (Go on UPside's website, and tell it where to mail a check.)
♦ Free direct deposit
♦ 24/7 real-time access to your transactions
♦ Mobile phone refills
♦ Cash-back rebates
♦ Fees: No activation fee. No annual fee. Monthly fee of just $0.99 if you load more than $500 that month. $2.99 otherwise.

Comprehensive Credit Card Reference


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