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Assistance with Fixing Your Credit Report
Also: Repair Your Credit Yourself
If you have bad credit rating and a bad credit record, you must wait seven to ten years for it to drop off your record. During this time, you will pay a substantially higher interest rate for credit cards and all kinds of loans. However, by hiring a credit repair company, or finding out how to repair your credit yourself, you can save yourself a lot of money and hassle.

LendersRated pick among peers for features, honesty, customer service, and policy LendersRated comment: Provides consumers with instant access to their credit report and score, credit monitoring products that monitor all three national credit reports, identity theft insurance and fraud resolution.

Lexington Law LendersRated comment: Lexington Law has been a provider of credit repair since 1991. They have worked with over 500,000 customers to help them take questionable items off their credit files. Lexington Law is a genuine law firm that operates under the Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA). They can assist you if you have a low credit score, bankruptcy, high debt or other financial trouble that will usually prevent you from getting all but the worst loans. They also handle many cases of identity theft.
Call them toll free at 866-648-0249.


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