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Student Loans
Student Loan Consolidation
Student Loan Refinancing LendersRated comment: SimpleTuition is a premium provider of private student loans and federal student loan consolidations. Claims to reduce education loan payments by as much as 50% with no credit checks, application fees nor charges at all. This is a federally-sponsored loan program that wraps all of your student loans into one payment.

A review of SimpleTuition's lenders shows that they have only the nation's best lenders, not second or third tier lenders. Some of their lenders: Discover, Wells Fargo, PNC, Citi and Suntrust.

The editors at LendersRated believe the best way to get a student loan is to compare lenders (surprise :) SimpleTuition allows you to:
♦ Sort by loan rates
° Sort by monthly payments
♥ Sort by total cost of loan
• Once you identify the right college lender for you, you can easily apply.


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